Kylie Verzosa and Raphael Kiefer are Mainstays in Philippines’ Next Top Model

PMAP has once again proved that it is THE  expert when it comes to modeling and the fashion industry with the inclusion of the current PMAP President, Raphael Kiefer, and PMAP member and Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa in the local edition of Philippines’ Next Top Model (PNTM) High Street.  Rapha is one of the main judges together with Maggie Wilson, 2007 Miss World Philippines,  and Rain Dagala, Meg Magazine editor-in-chief.  Joining them is Kylie Verzosa as the model mentor.  The show premiers on March 21, 2017 on TV5.  Expect the guest appearances of other PMAP models: Wilma Doesnt, Apples Aberin, Ana Sideco and Julls Culas. Who will be Philippines’ next top model? Stay tuned.pntm-kylie